What is Chiropractic in O’Fallon MO?

What is Chiropractic in O'Fallon MO?

Chiropractic O'Fallon MO Spine

Chiropractic was started in 1895 in Davenport, Iowa by D.D. Palmer.  Chiropractic was originally designed to truly be an alternative form of healthcare.  The basic premise of Chiropractic in O'Fallon MO is that the body has the power to heal itself.

How Chiropractic Works in O'Fallon MO

This power starts in the brain and is delivered to every cell in the body through the nervous system.  Because the bones of the spinal column are so close to the spinal nerves, any injury or inflammation to the spinal bones or joints can affect the nerves.  When these spinal nerves are affected, it in turn affects the ability of the brain to communicate with the cells and therefore decreases the ability of the body to heal itself.  Chiropractors are trained to find these injuries to the spinal joints (called Subluxations) and to care for them.  Removing subluxations allows the brain to communicate with the body and therefore allows the body to heal itself naturally.


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