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Chiropractic care has been helping people overcome a variety of health challenges for well over a century, and yet many individuals have yet to explore the potential of this non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical form of treatment. Dr. Hadden at O'Fallon Crossing Chiropractic can use this versatile, safe healing modality to provide optimal wellness and comfort for every member of your family, from pediatric adjustments to senior wellness care. Take a look at the many ways chiropractic care could benefit you and your loved ones.


To understand the principles of chiropractic adjustment, it helps to understand how the musculoskeletal system works and what can go wrong with it. Ideally, your spinal column maintains a normal, straight posture and alignment. This helps major muscle groups to support your weight evenly and allows nerves to relay signals without interference. When this alignment falls out of balance, so does your health. Not only do you become more vulnerable to muscle strains, joint wear, back pain, neck pain, and injuries, but you may also experience nerve dysfunction that impairs your body's overall systemic function. Whether your misalignment occurred in an acute injury or over time, you won't experience relief from your symptoms until the underlying imbalance is corrected, that's what chiropractic care does.

Your O'Fallon chiropractor applies many of the same spinal manipulation techniques first developed by the founder of chiropractic medicine, D.D. Palmer, who discovered their benefits after a pioneering neck adjustment relieved a patient's hearing loss. Our practitioners administer highly precise, targeted high-velocity, low-amplitude force to specific joints that are suffering from subluxation (a subtle form of dislocation). By correcting joint structure and position in this manner, we are able to restore lost range of motion while relieving back pain, neck pain or extremity pain caused by subluxation.


Even patients who are aware of the benefits of seeing a chiropractor for an acute spinal or extremity injury may never have thought about having a pediatric chiropractor, senior care chiropractor or preventative wellness chiropractor in their lives. Our O'Fallon chiropractor can apply this remarkable therapeutic technique toward these and other applications. For instance, children can experience optimal growth and development, less troubled common childhood ailments, with the aid of a pediatric chiropractor. Seniors often find chiropractic care a welcome pain management tool for age-related joint issues. Periodic "maintenance adjustments" can even help your entire family enjoy better nerve function and systemic wellness for life. Don't forget the value of having a trusted expert on hand to help you through acute injuries when and if they occur.

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As you can see, chiropractic care can enhance your family's quality of life in a number of ways. If you'd love to have your own family chiropractor in O’Fallon our team is here.


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