Heat or Ice in O’Fallon MO?

Heat or Ice in O'Fallon MO?

Chiropractic O'Fallon MO Ankle Pain

How should you use cold and heat in O'Fallon MO for injuries? Quite often, I hear the question, “Should I use ice or heat”?  This is a very important question.  The answer can mean the difference between quick healing and prolonging and injury.  So, my answer the majority of the time is to use ice.  Cold will help to decrease inflammation in the injured tissue.  Inflammation, while necessary for initial healing, can also keep an injury from fully healing.  Getting rid of inflammation is key in promoting quick healing, and for athletes, a quick return to their sport.

Applying Cold and Heat in O'Fallon MO

For an acute injury, ice should be used for 20 minutes per application and applied 5-8 times per day during the initial 48 hours following the injury.  For a chronic injury, ice should be used, but only following activity, not prior to activity.  Finally, heat can be used for a chronic injury, such as an overuse injury, to relax tight tissues and increase the blood flow to that area.  Heat, like ice, should be used 20 minutes per application.


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