Back Pain During Pregnancy in O’Fallon MO

Back pain during pregnancy in O'Fallon MO

Chiropractic O'Fallon MO Pregnancy

Pregnancy in O'Fallon MO can be a wonderful time in a woman’s life.  Bringing a newborn baby into this world is exciting and life-changing.  During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many changes.  Unfortunately, some of these changes can lead to pain and discomfort.  This pain and discomfort can make the pregnancy difficult and make for an unpleasant 9 months.

The Cause of Back Pain During Pregnancy in O'Fallon MO

It is reported that 50-60% of pregnant women experience some back pain.  This can start as early as 12 weeks and can last up to 6 months after delivery.  Back pain can lead to lost time at work and loss of sleep, which is essential for mother and baby.  Back pain in pregnant women is caused by two main factors.  One is a shift in the woman’s center of gravity.  Gaining weight on the front of the body puts extra stress on the joints and muscles of the back.  The second factor causing back pain in pregnant women is hormone changes.  Changes in estrogen and progesterone levels cause supporting structures (ligaments and tendons) to loosen. This forces the muscles of the back and hips to be responsible for supporting extra weight and stabilizing joints.

Fortunately, there are simple, effective, affordable solutions to the back pain problem.  At O'Fallon Crossing Chiropractic, Dr. David Hadden performs a thorough exam on every patient to determine her specific muscle imbalances.  Next, a treatment plan is designed and discussed with the mother-to-be, so that goals and results of treatment are agreed upon.  Treatments generally consist of gentle joint manipulations to loosen tight joints, muscle stretching to loosen tight muscles, and simple rehabilitation exercises to strengthen those weakened muscles.

Pregnant women who undergo this treatment for back pain report significant reduction in pain, better overall sleep, and less need for pain medications.  Without back pain, women are able to experience a happy and healthy pregnancy.


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