Low Back Pain in O’Fallon MO

Low Back Pain in O'Fallon MO

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Common Causes of Low Back Pain

Low back pain in O'Fallon MO is one of the most common ailments that we experience.  Over 80% of people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives.  Many different things can cause low back pain.  Part of my job is to determine exactly what is causing a patient’s pain so the treatment can be focused on fixing that particular problem.

The Cause of Low Back Pain in O'Fallon MO

The majority of the low back pain that I see in my office is caused by vertebrae becoming stuck in one position and not moving as it should.  Every movement we do with our spine (bending, twisting, etc) should be a combined effort from each vertebrae.  When one or more vertebrae lose their ability to move properly, several changes occur.  First of all, other vertebrae then have to move more than they are designed to move.  This puts extra strain on those bones and on the joints between the bones.  Secondly, when vertebrae lose their proper motion, the muscles in the area become tight.  Your body treats this situation like an injury and so, the area becomes inflamed.  This inflammation is what can irritate the nerves coming off of your spinal cord and can cause pain, numbness, and tingling in your arms and legs.

The way that I care for these problems is focused on fixing exactly what is causing the pain.  I perform spinal adjustments (sometimes manually and sometimes using the activator) to restore motion to the “stuck” vertebrae.  I also stretch and release the muscles that have become tight.  I will sometimes recommend exercises to strengthen muscles that have become weak.  Finally, I always recommend that a patient use ice or a cold pack on the affected area to help reduce the inflammation.  These approaches are very effective because they are focused on helping the actual cause of the pain.

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